Terms and conditions:

By uploading my picture I agree to the following:

- You hereby declare that the work you upload on graffitigomic.com is made by you.

-The owners of graffiticomic.com have the freedom to use your uploaded art or may choose not do so in case there are other more appropriate pictures uploaded by other artists;

-The owners of graffiticomic.com become the owners of the digital representation of your artwork that is being sent in.

(Of course we will mention you as much as we can since we could not make this without you.);

- The owners of graffiti.com take no responsibility for the physical representation and location of your artwork.

(we would love to see trains but cant be responsible for any illegal action from your side);

-Having your work as input for the graffiticomic.com entitles you to 50% of the profit per sold comic/ divided by the amount of pictures x the amount of pictures you have made. The other 50% of the profit per picture is for the owners of graffiticomic.com.

(we hereby promise that we will put a lot of energy in this project and spit between our fingers and pinky swear with you);

-The story as being used on graffiticomic.com (AshVs) remains the property of Robbert Hoving;

-The graffiticomic that will be the result, remains the property of Peter van der Helm, Joey Kevin Wagner and Robbert Hoving and you will be entitled to the division of profit as mentioned before yet are not owner of the product.

(Of course you will be mentioned as much as possible as a contributing artist);

-Graffiticomic.com is the property of Peter van der Helm;

- Dutch law will be applied

(we are Dutch and lazy when it's about these things).


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