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Entering the project is real easy. On one of your next ventures, get some inspiration by the Ash VS book….pick a scene you would like to create, go out and do your thing, make a picture of it and enter it in the field attached to the creation you made.

We love everything on everything but, of course can not be responsible for where, when or what you made. Wether that be on walls, trains or other surfaces. Pictures are not illegal (yet) so we love all of them.

Spreading the word below your work will be highly appreciated.

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The cover of the book is made by writers Heez and Naim:

Boek RobbertSONY DSC

Also god, Abram and lillith and some angels are entered by Heez:

SONY DSC entered Lucifer and an Angel:




Get to know more about the book!

Graffiti comic is just like the name says, a comic made entirely by man made graffiti’s. We had the idea and realised we are not going to be able to make something like this in one lifetime. We are talking about murals with spraypaint of course, real life graffiti artworks… sketches on paper allowed!

This is why we are asking for graffiti artists all around the globe to participate in this quest. You are making graffitis anyway so why not make a graffiti that we can use in the book and maybe make some money with it?

We know there are many types of artists and, in our humble opinion it’s just this fact that is going to make the book interesting. Of course we are going to choose the best ones and try and make a comprehensive storyline in the end (so much work is on our shoulders as well) but we feel confident this is a fun project for every artist to work on and the outcome can be anywhere near fantastic. An overview of contemporary graffiti artist all working together in this day to realise a comic book.

If this experiment works and we are able to launch the world’s very first book, completely made out of man-made murals we are going to split the profits with you % x the amount of pictures you entered.

There are 2 options to work with Graffticomic.

1. Look into sketches and use this as a guideline.

2. Read parts of the book and think up your own picture with with the tekst.

They are both different chapters of the book, this is just for us to see which way of working is better. We know graffiti artists are smart enough to figure out their own thing and we want everyone to do their own thing.


Want to know more?

Graffiticomic is just a project from some guys. 1 who wrote a book, 1 who is into graffiti and 1 who builds websites. Seems like the combination of various wired minds you would need for a project like this.

We’re all extremely enthusiastic about the project and hope it will make for good reading with various graffiti styles entered in the end. It’s an experiment for all of us so we hope you are as enthusiastic and open minded about the idea like we are.

If you have any questions about the project, please fill in the contact form and we’ll try to answer asap. Please allow for some days as we all have working days like everyone else.

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